Like many life changing inventions, Verti Smart Technologies was birthed out of creating a solution to a basic life-problem: repeatedly losing items of great importance.   

Verti’s Founder/CEO was ready to leave from a relaxing day on the beach when he suddenly found himself in a panic; he couldn’t find his keys.  After spending hours looking for them, he was finally able to locate his keys, but the relaxing feeling that he initially felt had literally been washed away to sea and replaced with feelings of frustration and anxiety.

 The introduction and advancement of such technologies as Bluetooth 4.0, Near Field Communication (NFC), Cloud Based Platforms and Mobile Technology allows us to create the perfect solution to misplacing and losing the items that are often of greatest importance to us.  Just as importantly, a Verti Smart Tag can keep the fear, annoyance at bay.

“With advances in Mobile and Bluetooth technologies, we can now use our smartphones as unique identifiers in a connected world. This allows us to communicate with other connected pieces of hardware and gather data we can use to solve problems. This will play a major role in the “Internet of Things” space as a lot of items become part of the worldwide web.”

— Luke Thomas CEO/Founder

Vertical Integration utilizes different technologies on the same path to a common end goal.  Our name stems from this vertical integration (Verti), and our end goal is to ensure that you never lose another thing again or experience the negative feelings associated with it.   

Verti Smart Tags work very simply. Verti Smart sensors communicate with a powerful cloud based app on your smartphone. Just clip or stick it to whatever you’d like to keep up with, and Verti will let you know, in real time, where your item is located. You can even send an alarm from the smartphone app and Verti will ring loudly so you can easily locate your item’s whereabouts. That’s it! It’s as simple as playing a game of Marco Polo.