What is Verti?

Verti is a stylish bluetooth device that helps you find your things. Just clip it to whatever you'd like to keep up with and you can track that item in real time from your Smartphone. 

How is Verti different from similar products?

With the advancement of Bluetooth 4.0 technology there's been a plethora of "Smart" items introduced into the market. Verti uniquely sets itself apart by incorporating a rugged design that's not only tough, waterproof, and sleek...it's also the most stylish of its class. From Social lost & found to dual communication that helps you find your phone, to remotely operating the camera on your Smartphone, Verti offers a variety options that puts it into a class of its own.

What is the range of Verti?

Verti has a range of 100ft depending on environment. In an outdoor setting you'll consistently see the max range. If you're located in a dense area such as a concrete building, the range can be affected. With the innovation of our "Social Lost & Found" feature, the range is extended exponentially to help locate your items by passively using other Verti Network members phone to help locate your items.

How long does the battery last?

Verti is powered by a coin cell battery that lasts up to one year. Our engineering team is hard at work to develop a longer lasting power source.

Can Verti help me find my Smartphone?

Yes! The multi-function button on Verti can be programmed and used for many things and locating your Smartphone is one of them. Have you ever misplaced your phone with the Ringer switch off? Just press the button on Verti and it'll "Ring" your Smartphone! Even if the ringer is turned off! We know, its like Magic! 

When will Verti be ready to ship?

We're set to began initial shipments March 2016. As with any new product launch we expect delays, set backs, the dog ate the prototype, shipment got lost in the mail, etc. You know the excuses. Rest assured we're committed delivering an exceptional product on schedule!

Which Smartphones are compatible?

iOS devices (running version 6.1.3 or newer) with Bluetooth 4.0 built in. iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 series. iPad 3 & 4th generation, iPad mini or newer. Android devices (running version 4.3 or newer) with Bluetooth 4.0 built in: Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4.

What is your exchange and returns policy?

Here at Verti Smart Technologies we stand behind developing a quality products. If you experience a problem with a product we'll gladly exchange it within 30 days of receipt or offer a full refund.