Bugging Out! Getting Rid of the Bugs!

As with the release of any new software/hardware product, bugs will appear from time to time. We do apologize for the inconvenience this causes. We’ve identified a few known issues, and our developers are working diligently to make corrections and updates to our IOS App. Some known issues are listed below:

·         App crashes when pressing the “V” button on Verti Smart Tag

·         Unable to verify sign up due to keyboard blocking the “verify” button. (iPhone 4 & 5s)

·         Separation alert’s are sending “false alerts” when tags are still within range

·         Unable to pair multiple Verti Smart Tags to iPhone.

Your feedback is very important to us, and we value your input, even if it’s not favorable! (We’re big boys and girls, so we can handle it.) Our goal is to continuously improve our products, and your feedback is a major part of helping us to do just that. So, feel free to drop us a line at support@myVerti.com to provide suggestions on how we can improve your experience.